Ton Janssen


Ton Janssen, Promotor:

‘I focus primarily on the promotion of ‘our’ tomato.’

“In the fall of 1995, the vine tomato on our 2.6 hectare company was replaced by the delicious Tasty Tom tomato. Not only was this the reason for a whole new approach within the company, the switch also resulted in some big changes in other respects. Apart from being a grower, I also became a spokesperson, and the head of the organisation for Tasty Tom growers. Ever since then, I focus primarily on the promotion of “our” tomato. I very much enjoy expressing my passion, and I do this with heart and soul. Especially since Tasty Tom is just a really delicious tomato; I want everyone to know this. Throughout the year we have organised many PR-actions: I was on various markets, and I have been on tv numerous times. If I have to, I will gladly even wear a tomato suit.”