Roland Gielen


Roland Gielen, Gielen Kwekerij BV in Grubbenvorst:

‘At Tasty Tom we know exactly what the market wants.’

“I have already been a member of the Tasty Tom-club for about seventeen years now. I am convinced that you have to distinguish yourself in order to go further. At Tasty Tom we know exactly what the market wants, and where our product ends up. We can tune in on that, which gives us a head start. At Tasty Tom I am the primary contact for various parties, and I am responsible for the breed trials. We have been looking for a better Campari for twenty years, because it is a laborious breed, and by now there are breeds with higher production rates. It is not easy to find a breed which can top the Campari, which also has other positive features. The day we find that breed, however, comes ever closer.”