Hans Vereijken


Hans Vereijken, Vereijken Kwekerijen in Aarle-Rixtel:

‘It primarily gives a great sense of accomplishment.’

“Within the Tasty Tom organisation I hold the position of secretary, and I mostly concern myself with projects. Besides that I also keep an eye on opportunities on the market, which I use to create an expectation of certain goals and visions for the future. In these twenty years I mostly learned a lot. When establishing a brand like Tasty Tom you are confronted with different aspects, which made us stronger as entrepreneurs. And of course, you have to work to get bread on the table. However, it is definitely not all about the money. It primarily gives a great sense of accomplishment, which is much more valuable. In my opinion, the unbridled input of the members is what made the success of Tasty Tom: everyone gave their all.”