Gerard Vereijken


Gerard Vereijken, Vereijken Kwekerijen in Aarle-Rixtel:

‘This is a top-level sport.’

“You do not just get customers, you have to deserve them. I have been giving my full 100 percent for twenty years to convey the story of Tasty Tom, and to reach out to our

customers’ wishes as much as possible. When we started Tasty Tom in 1995 it was our goal to get this flavourful tomato on the shelves in various countries, and we did. Nowadays, customers in seven countries can enjoy the Tasty Tom tomatoes. The challenge now is to keep our position, and to continue surprising our customers. That is a top-level sport! Each day we have to work hard to keep our customers happy. Of course, we also reach for new goals, like an increase of our market, or maybe a more elaborate offer in products.”