Eric Vereijken


Eric Vereijken, Vereijken Kwekerijen in Aarle-Rixtel:

‘Teamwork creates a win-win situation.’

“The sweet taste of the Tasty Tom tomato is primarily responsible for its success. However, you don’t become the best with sweet taste alone, the other aspects have to work out as well. The quality, for example, has to be perfect at all times. Making a mistake is simply ‘not done’. I keep this in mind at all times as the person responsible for cultivation within our company. Each week, or fourteen days, we visit each other, to see how the plants in the other companies are doing. This clearly adds value for the growers. Two people know more than one, and by constantly challenging each other we keep one another focused. That is why teamwork creates a win-win situation; the past twenty years have clearly shown this.”